The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) exists to represent the interests of, and to provide regular communications to, CAI-MN members and chapters with respect to state legislative, regulatory, and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations. LAC delegates are nominated by the chapters and by the LAC itself, to volunteer their time and energy to benefit all CAI-MN members. The Chapter nominates six chapter delegates to serve on the LAC. Additional “At-large” delegates are nominated by the LAC. All delegate nominations are due by August 1 to serve a one-year term of October 1 through September 30. All nominations must be submitted to CAI National’s Government & Public Affairs Department www.caionline.org.

The CAI-MN Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is actively seeking members interested in supporting responsible legislation during this year’s legislative session. If you are interested in joining the LAC contact the Lac chairman. 

If you would like to contribute to the CAI-MN LAC, you can do so by following this link:  LAC Donations

Become a Member of the “Buck A Door” Campaign!

The work of the MN-LAC costs tens of thousands of dollars each year; your participation is vital to our continued success.  If every association established a policy of an annual contribution to MN-LAC equal to $1.00 for every home in their association, it would ensure that this necessary and important effort is in place when needed to protect interests and rights of everyone who lives in an HOA.  

Contact us to donate!