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“Managing” to Break the Law: Legal Case Review

Speaker: Fred Krietzman, Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt, P.A.

Speaker Biography: Fred Krietzman is a shareholder with the law firm of Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt P.A., which has offices in Minneapolis and St. Paul. His practice focuses on representing the interests of community associations, common interest communities, and multi-family developers. He is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association and the Hennepin County Bar Association. He is a former director of, and former chair of the Legal Committee of, the Minnesota Chapter of the Community Associations Institute. He is a frequent speaker at seminars on issues relating to common interest communities, and has also authored several articles on those issues.   

Session Description: Top 5 ways a manager can get on the wrong end of a lawsuit. What are the most frequent legal issues facing managers and management companies, and how you can avoid getting sued.

Krietzman presents real-world examples of managers and associations that have found themselves in legal conflicts and litigation that could have been avoided. This session is aimed toward the experienced management professional.

The Top Traits of Great & Effective Boards of Directors (Or, what you should be doing if you're not)

Speaker: Julie Adamen, President, Adamen Inc.

Speaker Biography: Julie Adamen has been in the Common Interest Development industry since 1987. During that time she held several positions with the companies for whom she worked, including portfolio manager, on site General Manager, Regional Vice President, Director of Marketing and Executive Director. Her last position in management was as the General Manager of a 1300 unit condominium complex in Palm Desert, CA, with budget responsibilities of $5.2 million.

In 1997 Julie formed Adamen Inc., a consulting and employment firm specializing in the community management industry. Julie Adamen is a nationally known author, publisher, speaker and educator in community management. Julie also is the publisher of The HOA Manager NewsLine, an industry newsletter featuring forward-looking articles and job opportunities with a monthly circulation over 11,500+.

All of Julie's seminars are good for continuing education credits with the National Board of Certification (NBC-CAM) of CAI.

Session Description: This session focuses on the core features of a highly effective homeowner association board of directors. Adamen draws upon an extensive experience working with HOA boards to define and describe common areas where exceptional boards distinguish themselves and generate well-functioning, harmonious communities. Topics covered in this session include:
– How a homeowner association board maintains a policy-level focus
– Running effective board and committee meetings
– Credibility and integrity in community governance
– What is data-driven decision-making in an HOA?

10 Mobile and Web Apps to Manage Your Association and Change the Way You do Business 

Speaker: Dan Antonson, Lead Analyst –

Speaker Biography: Dan Antonson knows how to tell a story. Whether it’s teaching others how to use Google Apps or Dropbox, Dan makes his talks engaging and relevant to any audience. Always interested in communication, he began to study and research online user behavior in college. After completing his studies, he began his speaking / training career – teaching subjects such as; social media, online relationship building, and web marketing in the Minneapolis area. Dan Antonson since then has taken up the role of Lead Analyst at SMCpros where he helps his clients measure and track their marketing efforts.

Session Description:Antonson will present a variety of mobile, social, and cloud-based computer applications and how you can utilize them to work more effectively.  Areas that will be addressed during this session include:
– Communication with your board of directors
– Correspondence with HOA residents and owners
– Organization of and access to governing documents, contracts, and community resources
– Collaboration with colleagues, volunteers, and business partners.
– Efficiency / Productivity in daily activity management

When Generations Collide

Speaker:  Amy Lynch, Associate and Speaker BridgeWorks, LLC

Speaker Biography: Amy Lynch specializes in high-energy, interactive keynotes and workshops that help companies align and engage all generations. A Baby Boomer herself, she understands the differences between generations as well as the key needs and values that bring them together. She helps leaders, managers, and co-workers understand how to turn generational awareness into action, providing practical solutions for how to recruit, retain, train, engage, and communication with all four generations more effectively. Her work is based on hundreds of interviews, focus groups, and surveys with the Traditionalists, Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials who make up today’s workforce.

For more than 10 years, Amy has been researching the generations and wrote the award- winning book How Can You Say That? about parent-teen communication. Today she brings her deep understanding of the psychology and work ethic of each generation to the workplace.

Amy has received rave reviews from clients such as MTV, Comcast and RSM McGladrey. Her ideas have been featured in USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Dallas Morning News, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and NBC Nightly News, among others.
As a conscious observer of the millions of Millennials around the world making an impact in their communities and companies, Amy helps organizations deal with the challenges of effectively recruiting, managing, and retaining top young talent. Her success is driven by her unique ability to communicate and connect with all four generations to help them better understand not only their differences, but their commonalities, thus creating engaging environments for employees, customers and members.

Session Description: Do different generations in your association have different ideas about communication and collaboration? Come to this informative and lively session to learn more about Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, and how to address their unique perceptions and needs as it relates to community governance, living in a homeowner’s association, and their roles in the community. 

This BridgeWorks presentation will teach audiences how to…
– Understand the four generations they work with daily.
– Recognize the stereotypes that prevent us from understanding different generations.
– Calculate the costs of failing to bridge critical generation gaps at work.
– Communicate effectively with all four generations of staff, co-workers, and customers.
– Understand the importance of succession planning and knowledge transfer and how people at every level in an organization can play a critical role.
– Evaluate and make changes in an organization’s culture that will enable all generations to thrive.

Keynote: Managing Micromanagement – Understand It, Manage It

Session Description: After many years observing Board of Directors, Julie believes the underlying reason why many micromanage is they truly have no idea what their role is in relationship to each other nor the community as a whole. Julie believes it is up to us as management professionals to guide Board members to a path of constructive stewardship. Constructive stewardship leads Boards away from destructive micromanagement. This serves not only the Boards and their communities it serves management.


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