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CAI-MN New Year’s Resolutions
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Minnesota Community Living January/February 2013

CAI-MN New Year's Resolutions

By Monte Abeler, CAI-MN Assistant Executive Director

is the season for new year’s resolutions. As the year of 2013 begins, it is a great time to think about the way we are living our lives. During this time of reflection, many of us will find areas that could use improvement, resulting in new goals being made. Unfortunately, the bad news is most goals fail after a few short weeks due to tiredness and lack of motivation. But there is good news too! When accountability is added to the equation, the success rate is substantially higher and goals are often accomplished. That being said, CAI-MN would like to serve as your "accountability partner” in the year of 2013. We promise to do our best to encourage and provide ways for you to accomplish your goals. Here is a list of the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions across the country, along with how they can be applied and accomplished at CAI-MN.

1. Learn something new. 
CAI-MN offers many educational events for you to learn something new. These are not designed to be review sessions but rather to build up your knowledge and make your community association experience better.

2. Get fit and lose weight.
No, we are not a fitness club, nor do we own any treadmills. However, the online resources we offer are designed to help you cut off the extra flab from your community governance and get toned with best practices. Whether you are a community manager or volunteer on a board, we have a workout plan for you.

3. Quit smoking. 
CAI membership offers some "smoking hot” deals on HOA governance publications, event registration discounts, and access to free resources. CAI offers you real value to you and your community and that’s not just blowing smoke!

4. Manage debt and save money.
As a member of CAI-MN, not only will all the events cost less than the non-member price but your training will also help you save money for yourself and your association in the future. You also have access to our online Vendor Finder, which includes professional services specializing in managing your association’s debt.

5. Enjoy life to the fullest. 
CAI-MN is the place for you to be represented at the state legislature, trained for professional development, and equipped with helpful resources. No doubt these opportunities will help you enjoy your career or your home more fully.

6. Volunteer to help others.
CAI-MN offers many opportunities for volunteers. Volunteer on one of our eight committees: Education, Community Association Volunteer Leaders (CAVL), Legislative Action, Membership, Communications, Golf, Tradeshow, and Vision Awards. Whether you enjoy writing articles, planning                           networking events, greeting event attendees, or serving in some other fashion, we will happily accept your volunteer services.

7. Eat healthier. 
Meals are provided at most CAI events and it’s much healthier than fast food.

8. Spend more time with family and friends.
We are built on being a solid community where you can network. As you spend more time with CAI-MN, you will find that you really are spending more time with friends. Most events happen during business hours as well, allowing you to spend time at home with your family.

9. Find true love. 
We haven’t heard any stories of people meeting at a seminar and falling in love, but you never know when it could happen. A lot of members do love getting their certification though; so if you are interested in changing your last name to include PCAM, AMS, or CMCA at the end, you are in the right place.

10. Stop procrastinating.
Join now! Become a member at www., call 1-888-224-4321, or send an email to CAI-MN is here to help you accomplish your goals. Together we can make 2013 a successful year, with many more to follow!

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