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Shirt Management
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Minnesota Community Living March/April 2010

Shirt Management

By Tom Engblom, Community Association Banc

Annually I look forward to visiting Arizona in January, leaving frigid Chicago for an annual sales training. The uniqueness of the training was obscured until the redefined version of the author emerged! Upon arriving at the hotel and immediately unpacking, the room became a home for the next several days. Unfortunately, garments became wrinkled during flight and required attention. Immediately an "AHA” moment occurred while I was pondering the proper action: to re-iron the shirt or wear it in the current state of flux.

Webster defines a shirt as "the usual sleeved garment worn by men on the upper part of the body, often under a coat or jacket, typically having a collar and a buttoned opening down the front, a similar garment for a women” and "a slang for a shirt as ’keeping one’s shirt on, as being patient or calm.”

Shirt Management is interchangeable in every aspect of association management whether is pertains to Banking, Fiscal Management, Legal, Landscaping, Management, Maintenance, and Roofing. Every vendor purchases a shirt or blouse from a retailer based on preference of that consumer. Garment stores offer a myriad of apparel selection to wear dependent on the event to attend.

Comparatively, shirts are worn in the same manner; however, each vendor presents an esoteric shirt style of their own. First impressions are important based on the shirt worn by the vendor. The shirt from the cleaner’s, perfectly pressed, projects "on top of their game”, pride, and respect to you as a client. A wrinkled shirt potentially projects disorganization, lack of business value, or doing business on an interim basis. A long sleeved shirt rolled up to mid arms project endless hours or work by the vendor until the job is completed. It could also reflect no job is too large or small and the client is important. Should I even address the shirt not tucked in or half-button based on a generational mantra?

Shirt Management is imperative in association management, selecting the proper apparel for your event. Everyone wears a shirt; however, the difference for an association is the correct size, length and style for your Banking, Fiscal Management, Legal, Landscaping, Management, Maintenance, and Roofing needs.

Predominately, do you clean your shirt with new detergent (ideas) or ultimately purchase a new shirt during pitfalls? Regardless, Shirt Management is imperative to association management, and involves selecting the correct apparel for the event. Eventually you will need to keep your shirt on to remain calm! Have you selected the right shirt for you business endeavor?

Tom Engblom is a licensed instructor in Illinois for Real Estate for the past 22 years and National instructor for CAI. Tom began a career in property management in 1984 and earned ARM, CPM, CMCA, AMS, and PCAM managing a minimum of 3,500 units within the suburbs and Chicago for 20 years. Tom joined Community Association Banc, a division of Mutual of Omaha Bank, in March 2004 as a Regional Account Representative for the upper mid-west accelerating to Vice President achieving deposits in excess of 175 million covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio. Tom can be reached at

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