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MCL March/April 2014 - From the President
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From the President

By Michael Klemm, CAI-MN President

Michael Klemm

Spring Training for Community Association Volunteer Leaders

In Major League Baseball, spring training is essential for players to improve their skills and practice together as a team. Training is equally important for community association board members, who must act in good faith, in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the association, and with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances.
Community Associations Institute provides three levels of training to provide a foundation for community association volunteer leaders:

Level 1: “An Introduction to Community Association Living” is a free PDF download available on CAI’s website at It covers the following topics:

1. What is a Community Association?
2. Types of Community Associations
3. Legal Basis for Community Associations
4. Governing Documents
5. Community Rules, Regulations, and Fees
6. Community Governance
7. Community Management
8. Rights and Responsibilities
9. Building Community

Level 2: “The Fundamentals of Community Volunteer Leadership” is an online course available on CAI’s website at that is free for CAI members. It addresses operational issues such as management, the bidding process for service providers, maintenance issues, accounting and legal services, and board meetings.

Level 3: “The Essentials of Community Association Volunteer Leadership” is a one-day class that covers topics such as problem solving, maintenance, rules and regulations, and financial statements. The Minnesota Chapter of CAI offers the “Essentials of Community Association Volunteer Leadership” class every year. Community Associations Institute also offers seminars and publications on a wide variety of topics:

CAVL Seminars: The Community Association Volunteer Leaders (CAVL) Committee of the Minnesota Chapter of CAI provides seminars that are specifically designed for community association board members. Please see the article in this magazine regarding the next CAVL Seminar, on the topic “Aging in Place.” Registration for CAVL seminars is available on the website of the Minnesota Chapter of CAI at

Manager Seminars: The Education Committee of the Minnesota Chapter of CAI provides seminars that are tailored for association managers. Community association volunteer leaders and business partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Upcoming topics include “The Art of Neighboring” and “The Value of Preventative Maintenance.” Registration for manager seminars is available on the website of the Minnesota Chapter of CAI at

Minnesota Community Living Resource Library: Community association volunteer leaders can find helpful information online from recent articles in Minnesota Community Living. Look for the MCL Resource Library under the “Resources” tab on the Minnesota Chapter’s website at

Additional Resources: Community Associations Institute offers many publications and on-demand webinars on a wide variety of topics through its website at

I encourage you to take advantage of these “Spring Training” opportunities. If you have any questions or suggestions for future training, please contact me or Chapter Executive Director Monte Abeler at 651.265.7852.

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