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Minnesota Community Living 2013-05-06 PCAM Profile: JoAnn Borden
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PCAM Profile: JoAnn Borden

By Janice Pyka, Account Executive, MinuteBids

The highest designation a manager can earn in his/her career is that of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM). In this series, CAI-MN highlights the accomplishments and backgrounds of the individuals who have achieved this distinction.

Nigel MendezJoAnn Borden is Vice President of Community Management with Community Development, Inc. an Associa Company, and has worked in the Home Owners Association industry for over 14 years.

What Is JoAnn’s CAI Involvement?

JoAnn is co-chair of the Community Association Volunteers and Leaders Committee (CAVL). They focus on training and education for Board Members and Association Volunteers. They work on raising awareness of industry trends and statutory governance. Education and training of board members, homeowners and her co-workers is important to JoAnn as a professional manager. She wants to share her experience and understanding of what it is to live in and be a part of an Association. JoAnn has worked all aspects of association management, from support, financial accounting, and property management. As Vice President of Community Management the directors, community managers, and specialists at Community Development, Inc. report to her. She was promoted last September from Community Manager to her current role as Vice President.

As a member of CAI-MN and one of two individuals at Community Development to hold a PCAM designation, we wanted to learn more about her.

About Her Family

JoAnn has four sons; one just recently finished college and landed his first job, another one in college, the third son is a sophomore in high school and the youngest is in fourth grade. She and her husband Rodney have been married for 23 years.

Path into the Profession

She started in the homeowners association industry through a personal connection. She had the go-getter and get-things-done attitude that helped to promote her quickly. Whatever job JoAnn has held, she was very valued. Attitude goes a long, long way.

Hobbies and Interests

Spending time with family and friends, going to the cabin, reading a good book; perfect relaxation criteria… sun, comfy deck chair, beverage, good book and iPod.

Little known personal facts: JoAnn is an "Army Brat”; both her parents were in the armed forces, which offered travel opportunities. She has lived in Germany twice, all along the east coast, and coincidently she was born in Minnesota and ended up in Minnesota. She moved 20 times before she was 13 years old.

CAI Connections — How, Why and Who Got JoAnn to Join

When she began to pursue her educational designations, she started volunteering. JoAnn was ambitious and wanted to further herself with education and learned of the local CAI chapter. JoAnn has been very active with the local chapter since 2001 and sees the value of encouraging others to do the same.

Interesting/Challenging Aspects of the Job

Getting homeowner involvement and understanding the association life, as well as educating them; working with board members and homeowners on understanding their roles, rights, and responsibilities. "I love it when I see the light bulb turn on; knowing that I am able to guide them to an understanding is very rewarding. When I can sit down with a disgruntled owner or board member and help them feel comfortable with what their governing documents state, or what their assessments cover (not just lawn and snow); the crabbiness and long days are worth it.”

Her Path to Earn Her PCAM

JoAnn went to St. Louis, MO, to work with a very large association. It was a mixed-use association with commercial, residential condominiums, and townhomes. It occupied approximately one-third of the city in which it was located. The Association Board was very active in the city council and sponsored many city events. JoAnn interviewed all of the key people of the board, Management Company, business partners, and association professionals. Part of the PCAM process involved reviewing the state statutes, governing documents and association records. She was able to tour the entire property. She was given 10 questions at the end of the process and about 30 days to write her responses, resulting in a 90-page case study. The most challenging piece of earning her PCAM was balancing work, home life and the case study. JoAnn had to focus her time and energy for a solid 30 days. Her family and work were extremely supportive during this time, and this effort proved to be a life lesson for her as she worked on the case study while she continued with her personal life responsibilities and her work responsibilities. In asking JoAnn what she enjoyed the most, she responded, "interviewing the key people involved with the property and the detailed research.” JoAnn may have surprised herself a bit; during the process she used her knowledge and experience to formulate her responses to the questions. All of her on-the-job training paid off. I say kudos to you, JoAnn. JoAnn learned to trust in her experience and knowledge of association management. With her increased level of confidence, she looks forward to doing the same for others.

Congratulations, JoAnn. We are proud of you!

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