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Minnesota Community Living 2013-05-06 From the President
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From the President

By Michael Klemm, CAI-MN President

Traci Lehman

The Value of Membership

Each June, the new CAI-MN Board of Directors completes a questionnaire in preparation for the annual strategic planning meeting. The questionnaire includes the following items: 

1. What is the greatest value that CAI-MN provides to its members/the industry? 

2. What are the most compelling reasons for someone to be a member of CAI-MN?

(Before you read on, how would you answer these questions?)

During my term on the board, the answers have been remarkably consistent. Education and networking stand out as the greatest value of, and the most compelling reasons for, membership in CAI-MN.

As it turns out, Community Associations Institute was created for these very purposes. In 1964, the Urban Land Institute published The Homes Association Handbook, which called for "a national clearinghouse for information concerning homes associations.” In 1973, CAI was founded by leaders from the Urban Land Institute, the Federal Housing Administration and the National Association of Home Builders to meet this need.1 Today, Community Associations Institute continues to provide education and networking opportunities to community association volunteer leaders, managers and other professionals who provide products and services to community associations.

For the Minnesota Chapter of Community Associations Institute, education and networking go hand-in-hand. Educational seminars provide an excellent opportunity for networking with community association volunteer leaders and industry professionals. Additonally, networking events such as the annual CAI-MN Golf Tournament, Trade Show and Vision Awards provide opportunities not only to meet other CAI members, but also to discuss current issues and share information and ideas.

I also have found participation in CAI-MN committees to be an excellent opportunity for education and networking. I have learned a great deal from community association volunteer leaders, managers, contractors, insurance agents, reserve analysts and other professionals by discussing current issues in the context of doing committee work. As an attorney, there is only so much I can learn through legal research and analysis; discussing current issues and trends with other professionals and association volunteers and seeing things from their perspective is a valuable resource. I encourage every member of CAI to take advantage of the opportunity to serve on a committee to build professional relationships and learn from one another.

If your schedule does not currently allow you to serve on a committee, I encourage you to take advantage of upcoming educational and networking events. Be sure to read the article on Page 7 regarding the annual CAI-MN Golf Tournament, one of the highlights of the year and an event you will not want to miss!

1. Brannigan, Daniel. "CAI at 40.” Common Ground, Jan.-Feb. 2013, pg. 29.

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