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Minnesota Community Living 2013-07-08 Foundation for Community Association Research
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Foundation for Community Association Research

By Lynn Boergerhoff, Woodstock Townhome Association

Lynn BoergerhoffMy name is Lynn Boergerhoff. I am President of Woodstock Townhome Association in Bloomington, MN. I recently accepted a two-year position on the Board of the Foundation for Community Association Research. I’d like to introduce you to the Foundation and provide periodic updates on the Foundation’s important work.

Although the vast majority of CAI members have received information from and about the Foundation for Community Association Research, our research indicates that the Foundation might be one of the best kept secrets within our industry. We want to change that.

The Foundation was created in 1975 as a 501c3 to promote common-interest community research, development and scholarship Our primary goal today is to provide quality research, expert analysis and insight into community trends, issues and operations to be used as a resource by common-interest communities and the industry.

The Foundation’s most popular legacy programs include a national homeowner satisfaction survey (Zogby), a Compensation and Salary Survey, an industry Fact Book and the Byron Hanke Scholarships for university students. We have also developed a series of free, downloadable "Best Practices” reports.

Most importantly, we are now implementing a strategic plan and recently hired a development director. Our goals include:

  • Increasing the number and quality of our research activities;
  • Broadening and diversifying our funding (90% currently comes from CAI member’s dues check-offs);
  • Establishing a clear, distinct brand Establishing a clear, distinct brand identify and purposefully positioning the Foundation in the minds of the industry we serve;
  • Achieving appropriate levels and quality of staff and volunteers to achieve the strategic plan.

What does this mean and why is the Foundation so essential to those living in and working with community associations domestically and internationally? Consider the analogy: where would the success rate for cancer survivors be without research? I’m not suggesting that the community associations and cancer are of equal importance, but the role of the Foundation to the community association industry is not unlike the role of the American Cancer Society to disease eradication.

If the Foundation does not provide relevant and timely research, we will all miss opportunities to serve our members and clients in more effective, efficient and meaningful ways. Please let us know the kinds of data and information that would help you, your clients, homeowners, and community associations in your area or throughout the industry.

In order to elevate and broaden our research activities, we need to increase and diversify our funding. Therefore, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to the Foundation when you determine your charitable giving for each year. YOU can also support the Foundation by sharing any relationship you have with academic or research institutes that might be interested in collaborating with the Foundation. The Foundation can help you—whether you’re a manager, management company executive, association board member or service provider. We hope you will help us create value by contributing .

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