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Minnesota Community Living 2013-07-08 CAI-MN Vision Awards Spotlight
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CAI-MN Vision Awards Spotlight

Carin Rosengren, Keller Property Management, Wins CAI-MN Vision Award for Financial Impact

Carin RosengrenA Welcome Recognition

If I had known, I mean really, really known, what’s involved in the daily life of a busy property manager, I may have thought twice before I took this job in 2008. But at that time, I was a long-time board member at the association where I still live, and my own property manager assured me that I "already knew how to do the job!” when she talked me into the position.

That was incorrect. But, I’m a fast learner with skills that translated to property management, including having thick skin when I need it, the ability to find answers, and most important of all, caring enough about my board members and homeowners to listen to them earnestly, and work with passion toward every resolution. No, my property manager didn’t tell me everything about this job, but I’m glad I took the risk. Come to think of it, if I had known all that it would take to help three of my associations bring a lawsuit against their builder for construction defects, I may have thought twice about taking it on. That incredible task came on top of my already-busy schedule, and it meant sitting in extra meetings, dusting off and looking through years of association records, and enduring some 15 hours of depositions. Now that it’s over and I can watch happily as my associations get attic repairs, I’m glad that none of my coworkers at the time gave me the "you-must-be-crazy,” raised-eyebrow look (at least not to my face) or told me that it would be like riding the roller coaster at a two-year long festival of stress.

Out of the Past and Into the Future

Some of those aforementioned skills were gained in the 10 years I was a community editor for a weekly newspaper, attending city council and school board meetings, conducting countless interviews and writing stories that aimed to answer questions, present facts and tell stories that readers could appreciate. I did similar work for a specialty magazine a couple of years later, and was freshly laid-off from that job when the property management business came, literally, knocking at my condo door.

My work at the newspaper, which many times included writing about redevelopment in cash-strapped cities, truly fueled my eagerness to take on another big property management task – guiding an association to establish a Housing Improvement Area. I was thrilled to be using my "old-job” skills again and going to City Council meetings. But what’s even better, now, instead of being an impartial observer, I am personally involved on a professional level, tapping city (and county) resources to help my association, which really is an important community-within-a-community for the City of Lakeville.

My fondness for writing and desire to be more involved in the organization are what led me to join the CAI-MN Communications Committee. I can’t wait to reach out to others in this industry and interview you for this space. Meantime, I plan to finally finish the reading material and get going to earn my professional certification. If you already know what this entails and feel like I am only headed for another stress-fest (trying to earn a CMCA with a full work load and full intentions to play golf, tennis and go camping this summer) please, keep it to yourself. I don’t think I really, really want to know.

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