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Vision Awards Judging Form - Rookie of the Year Award
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Recognition is given to a manager with less than two years of experience in the community association management industry who has displayed exceptional abilities.


A maximum of ten points will be available for each question answered with a potential total of 40 points for each of the following four categories. Additionally, extra points MAY be awarded for exemplary results in the following areas: financial gain, cost savings, media recognition and overall implementation. Substantiation may be requested at a later time.

Scoring Criteria

Accomplishment(s) related to the award category
The accomplishments of this nominee directly relate to the award category and exemplify the achievement that the award is intended to recognize.

Goals, objectives, and measurable activities/results achieved
The actions taken by the nominee in order to achieve this accomplishment were measurable. The results that were achieved were quantifiably substantiated and contribute productively to the financial health of the Association.

The accomplishment(s) exceeds the normal course of everyday responsibilities
A large project, and huge turn-around, an insurance claim that affected the entire Association. More than simply fulfill the duties of the job, the nominee illustrated the ability to handle large scale projects as well.

Nomination befitting recognition
Relative to other nominations in the category this year, this nominee is especially worthy of recognition for the completion of the project.

Any entry that fails to score at least 20 total points will not be considered for any award.

Additional Considerations

Exemplary results in the areas of financial gain, cost savings, media recognition and overall implementation, if applicable, to the accomplishment(s), may be considered for extra points above and beyond the 40 points possible. Please provide a narrative addressing these results.

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