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CAI-MN Sponsor Standards
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For Business Partners and Sponsors

The CAI-MN Board of Directors appreciates and recognizes the importance of certain qualities in a service provider in our industry. The Board would like to continue to uphold the image and a standard maintained by CAI-MN’s members and affiliated parties, and wishes to give its members a greater sense of the stewardship with which CAI-MN Business Partners approach their affiliation with Minnesota community associations. Accordingly, CAI-MN encourages Business Partners and Sponsors associated with the Chapter to maintain a certain standard of business practices when dealing with other members of the Chapter, and the community at large. By joining this chapter as a Business Partner, or becoming a Sponsor, you and your company represent to CAI-MN, its membership, and the public at large, that you will:

  1. Treat those with whom you deal in a professional and competent manner, acting truthfully, fairly, diligently, promptly, and for a fair price;
  2. Refrain from untrue or misleading statements about competitors;
  3. Not engage in price fixing, anti-trust, or anti-competitive behavior, including providing valuable consideration of any kind to obtain business or favorable position against another Business Partner; and
  4. Disclose to customers or clients, actual or prospective, all actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest.

Note: Participation in these standards is voluntary, as is membership and partnership with CAI-MN. Neither CAI-MN nor its Board of Directors enforces these standards.