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Our Mission...

Our mission is to provide the knowledge, education, networking, and legislative leadership needed to run competent and prosperous community associations.

Who we are...

Founded in 1973 as a multidisciplinary, nonprofit alliance serving all stakeholders in community associations, CAI is the only national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations.

CAI is regarded as the national expert in educational programs and publications about community association governance, operations, and management. CAI’s members look to us for information about new products, educational opportunities, technologies, and better ways to run their communities.


CAI is the oldest, largest and most established organization in the community association industry. We are the first and only organization created specifically to meet the needs of all community association stakeholders. In CAI, you'll find a friendly and accessible forum to develop relationships, increase your knowledge, and help shape the future of our communities. CAI offers a host of resources that will help you excel.

What we do...

CAI's Professional Management Development Program (PMDP) offers courses that are developed for managers, professionals, and board members who want in-depth training and instruction on all aspects of association management. Course topics include insurance, risk management, finance, maintenance, general management, leadership, governance, law, and much more. Member discounts and multiple registration discounts are available. View a schedule of courses HERE.

CAI Minnesota (CAI-MN) serves members of CAI in Minnesota and the Midwest through educational training programs, industry publications and legislative action. Additional online resources, such as a searchable directory, online event registration and up-to-date association news are available on this website.

Past Presidents



2018-2019 Joe Crawford
2017-2018 Matt Drewes
2016-2017 JoAnn Borden
2015-2016 Joel Starks
2014-2015 Gene Sullivan
2013-2014 Michael Klemm
2012-2013 Traci Lehman
2011-2012 Jon Edin
2011 Holly Johnson
2010 Mark Gittleman
2009 Mark Schoenfelder
2008 Sara Lassila
2007 Kirk Gassen
2006 David G. Hellmuth
2005 Walt Burris
2004 Gregory Pettersen
2003 Denise Folkerts
2002 Sarah J. Kramber
2001 Chad Johnson
2000 JaNet M. Rogge
1999 Scott M. Callahan
1998 Richard Frys
1997 Shawn Otto
1996 Todd R. Iliff
1995 Rick Johnston
1994 Deborah J. Ho-Beckstrom
1993 Bruce Humphrey
1992 Gilbert Cross
1991 John K. Bouquet
1990 Robert Dennistoun
1989 Kathi Bjorkman
1988 Audrey Krauter
1987 David Childs
1986 John Shardlow
1985 David C. Stendal
1984 William McGonigal
1983 William McGonigal
1982 Steve Yurick
1981 Patrick J. Lamb
1980 Karen Baker Hyde
1979 John Gorra
1978 Marj Peterson
1977 Marj Peterson